Mister Softee trucks are available for company picnics, weddings , fairs, and birthday parties. 

There is no better treat for your guests, coworkers, attendees or vendors than free ice cream from the nostalgic Mister Softee truck.  Click on the ice cream below to tell us about your upcoming special event!

Our pricing works like this:
Mister Softee has a one hour minimum for all events, no matter the size.
Event minimum's start at $325.00 per hour.

Say you wanted to hire us for one hour. You consume $100.00 worth of ice cream in that hour. You would pay $325.00 (the minimum for an hour). We do not give out ice cream to be stored for later if you don’t hit the minimum. If you consumed $500.00 worth of ice cream in that hour, you would pay $500.00 (you have exceeded the minimum, so you pay for what you actually consumed).

Weddings are priced on a case by case basis and have a different pricing structure from above. 
{for information click the ice cream}